Rules and Regulations

In order to run the Kelowna Dance & Performing Arts with integrity and quality service, please direct any questions or concerns to Miss Melodie or your child’s instructor.

  1. All students must come on time for all classes. Please call the office if your child is running late or unable to attend.
  2. Hair is to be off of dancers face and neck for all classes. Buns for ballet.
  3. Proper dance wear must be worn for all classes.
  4. Proper conduct is expected of all students.  Any disciplinary problems will be reported to the parents and a solution will be agreed upon.  We reserve the right to expel any student who continues to disrupt class.
  5. Food and Drink – No food or drink is allowed in the studio with the exception water bottles.
  6. Spectators are not allowed in classes.
  7. Please inform us of any illness or condition of which we should be aware of.
  8. NO cell phones are permitted into the studio during class.

Kelowna Dance & Performing Arts is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  We ask that all valuables be left at home.

Kelowna Dance & Performing Arts management reserves the right to refuse admittance to the studio or to eject anyone who is disruptive, unruly, or displaying rude, unacceptable behaviour -to be determined at the director’s sole discretion.