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KDF Mini's


Ballet provides the technical foundation essential and complimentary to all Dance forms. It is a highly
technical form of Dance with its own vocabulary. It is primarily performed with the accompaniment of
classical music.


Jazz combines upbeat Dance styles with elements of Ballet, and is influenced by rhythms and technique. Throughout its history, Jazz Dance has developed in parallel to popular music. A low centre of gravity and high level of energy are other important identifying characteristics of Jazz Dance.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop includes a wide range of styles. The fundamentals of both “old school” styles such as popping and locking. As well as “new school” styles like, krumping, tutting, crip walking, and wacking. These are just some of the styles taught in Hip Hop class.

Acro/Hip Hop

Acro/Hip Hop classes focus half the class on Hip Hop Dance, and the other half on Acro. Acro is a unique blend of dancing and gymnastics. It focuses on strength, flexibility, balance, and tumbling.


Tap helps students develop better rhythm, musicality, and coordination. Tap is a form of Dance characterized by using the sound of Tap shoes hitting the floor as a percussive instrument.

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